About UOIT CSCI 5550

Course Participants in 2013

Affective Gaming, Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience in Interactive Entertainment (Winter 2013)


Dr. Lennart Nacke

Course Time (Jan 7 – April 12, 2013)

11:10am – 12:30pm on Thursdays in the GAMER Lab (UB 2058).

Course Outcomes

On the successful completion of the course, graduate students will be able to:

  1. Identify, interpret, and explain the field of human-computer interaction within interactive entertainment
  2. Prepare prototypes with special focus on fun and engagement
  3. Examine scientific use of experimental design in HCI
  4. Apply the knowledge gained from the research papers to produce interesting research papers yourself
  5. Produce HCI experiments to test a novel interface or to evaluate a game

Course Design

This is a reading course about user experience, input devices, interaction technologies, and evaluation approaches concerning human factors in interactive entertainment. Each week, you will be assigned a topic to research and a paper to read. You are expected to read and understand the paper prior to each weekly session and be able to discuss the paper’s content. You will be expected to design and perform a short study that tests a particular affective gaming concept and complete a research paper that can be submitted to a conference or journal by the end of the course.

You will also be provided with a blog account login information to the course website, where you will be expected to briefly blog a paper summary about your assigned research papers. The structure of the research paper blogging is based on Tracy Hammond’s TAMUCHI course. Each blog post must have the following structure: title, comments (link to 2 comments that you gave on another students post), full reference information of the paper (ACM SIGCHI format), summary of the paper (250-500 words), your discussion of the paper (250-600 words), and a related picture.


Final Paper: 30%
Blogs: 20%
Participation in face-to-face discussions: 20%
Study design: 20%
Magic Wildcard (can be applied toward any of the above by Jan 17): 10%

For details about accessibility, academic integrity, professional conduct, and course evaluations, please see your syllabus in Blackboard.