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SeriousFun: Where Art and Fun Intersect – Concept Art, Movies and Game Design


I am using this venue to share my thoughts and experiences as a digital designer.  The main objective of my work as an industrial designer has been to create memorable experiences for the consumer in using a product, service or technology. My objective has always been to humanize technology and create new expressions of projected lifestyles that we crave or dream about.

Sometimes, it is presumed that many industrial designers have the aptitude to work only in the field of consumer product design. I tend to disagree with this notion because of the fact; the basis of industrial design methodology is creativity and ideation. Ideation is the most basic expression wherein designers conceptualize new imageries, alternative lifestyles, and new expressions of emerging and next generation technologies through the simple medium of pen, pencil and paper. These ideations may get transformed into utilitarian products, services or be an expression of technology integration that people may choose to use, experience or be inspired about.

I will always be indebted drawings and inspirational art of Star Wars and Star Trek. I must have watched the Star Wars movie more than 71 times, which may pale insignificantly to the number of times some of the Star Wars fans out there may have watched the movie. The most important aspect of experiencing Star Wars for the first time (at age 15) left an unquenchable thirst for science fiction, fantasy and alternative realities. Continue reading