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ElderFun: Putting Fun into Video Games for Older Adults



Much research has been done on the topic of the positive aspects of gaming and the use of gaming devices for older adults. Research has predominantly focused on areas of gaming and its applicability in various categories of rehabilitation; physical and cognitive training; leisure and entertainment; and adult learning. Older adults experience age-related changes in their cognitive and physical abilities. This paper has special significance because, this was the first paper that I had read, sent my way by Dr. Nacke, in my quest for research on the topic of social interaction in older adults.

Reference Information

McLaughlin, a., Gandy, M., Allaire, J., & Whitlock, L. (2012). Putting Fun into Video Games for Older Adults. Ergonomics in Design: The Quarterly of Human Factors Applications, 20(2), 13–22. doi:10.1177/1064804611435654


Learning needs and capabilities of older adults deteriorate with age. New technologies used in video games may pose barriers to the older adults’ population (McLaughlin et al., 2012) due to the decline in their cognitive and physical abilities. Game experiences and expectations from gamification experiments can pose serious challenges to game adoption. Continue reading