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Paper: People, Places and Play


In the interest of getting some experience in blogging about a paper, I decided to choose the paper on People, Places and Play, with the main aim of formulating my thoughts regarding the hypothesis, synthesis and methodology/process of validation of the hypothesis and measurement techniques used by the authors. This paper closely relates to my area of interest which being; the socio-spatial dynamics between people, systems and the environment of use of the systems.

Reference Information

De Kort, Y.A.W., and Ijsselsteijn, W. A. 2008. People, places, and play: a research framework for digital game experience in a socio-spatial context. ACM Comput. Entertain, 6, 2, Article 18 (July 2008), 11 pages. DOI = 10.1145/1371216.1371221


The authors present the importance of digital games in creating engaging social interactions and discuss the relevance of co-players, audience and player engagement in defining player experience. The paper focuses on the psychological experience of social interactions while playing a game. The paper presents the condition that while flow and immersion is a trance-like focused state during gameplay, the presence of other people in a situated play could be a conflicting situation affecting player enjoyment. The paper discusses the presence of a co-player towards the experience of gameplay from the point of engagement, arousal and emotions. In co-located play, game characteristics, social affordances of the game interface and characteristics of player environment influences playability. The paper infers that the presence of others; social presences during gameplay becomes an extension of the game itself, influencing game play and game experience.
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